About The MAA

Who are the MAA?

We are the only, membership owned, not for profit, Commercial Agents’ organisation in the UK and Ireland.
We represent our Agents at a national and international level, offering the peace of mind, that should one of our members need advice, we are here to assist.

We are the official Trade Association for professional Sales Agents in the UK & Ireland.

We work on your behalf and have our members best interests at heart. Our volunteer board, are Sales Agents like you, striving to ensure agents throughout the UK & Ireland are represented in a professional way.

What is it that all MAA Members have in common?

They all sell on a commission basis. And that’s about it! Some are one-man businesses, some employ many people. Some are Sole Traders, some are Partnerships and some are Limited Companies.

They sell to a wide variety of outlets such as retailers, businesses, hospitals, wholesalers, TV Shopping Channels, and international distributors. In fact – almost anywhere there’s something to be sold there’s an Agent! Some work only in a few counties, some straddle the globe. Some make a lot of money, some only a little; most make a comfortable living once established.

The MAA is the longest established not for profit, trade association for professional Agents, for new Agents and for aspiring Agents.

For Agents the MAA offers such a multitude of benefits at a low cost that joining us seems the sensible thing to do!