The MAA Agent of the Year 2022

We are very excited to announce the winner of this year’s AGENT OF THE YEAR…

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Lee Burgess, Julian Duke and Adrian Frearson, the 3 runners up!!

CONGRATULATIONS to THIS YEARS WINNER… Noel Kelly of Creva International Ltd

Noel has now been put forward as our entry for the IUCAB International Agent of the Year “George Hayward Award”. Creva International work with Principals from all over the world with sales to 48 countries; including Ireland, UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Poland, USA, Canada, UAE, India China, Japan, Australia and the Middle East. They represent 8 Principals and currently have a team of 7 full time and 3 part time staff members.

We did a quick interview with Noel.

MAA: Congrats! How do you feel?

Noel: Very chuffed and humbled. Thanks so much to the MAA Council for the win.

MAA: It was a very close call. All contenders were neck and neck, right up to the end. What do you think swung it for you?

Noel: I’m honestly not sure…and being truthful I’m not one for awards and fame. I tend to focus on helping others, spreading knowledge and the belief that success will come if you do good things.

MAA: Well said. Can you tell us some of your growth strategies?

Noel: Yep sure, Continue Exhibitions at Key Trade shows, Linkedin focus on finding new Distributors and for agreements with Factories. Regular support and assessment of existing distributors and cross-selling from various factories with the sales team and new B2B e-commerce platform. Then there is our franchise model for the “AgriComfort Specialists” brand. Finally having more key partners in countries outside of our own than any of our competitors.

MAA: Nice, thanks for that. What would you say are your key services to your Principals?

Noel: Lots of face to face regular meetings and being the “boots on the ground” for the factory. Always constantly assessing and reviewing the distributors for the factory and the ability to “cross-sell” for the factories.

MAA: Finally can yo give us a quick overview of your success story?

Noel: Having just celebrated our 10 year anniversary, we are proud to be a full time connector and relationship-builder for ‘all things’ calf and cow comfort. Built on decades of success on our award-winning dairy farm in Athenry, Ireland, Creva today is a modern B2B powerhouse and innovator. Our business has grown (5-fold) during this time frame and we’re proud to represent Eight global distributors of quality products.

MAA: Thanks so much Noel. Great to have you as a member and good luck in the coming year.