New Area Advisor for Scotland

101_0573We are very pleased to confirm the new Area Advisor for Scotland is David Cranston. David is the young chap in the centre of the Picture with Bill Nunn ( President)  on the left & David Johnson ( Secretary General ) on the right. May we all wish David a hearty welcome to the team.

David Cranston says:
“A Sales Agent since 2008- The MAA has provided me with valuable advice and guidance when I have needed it. When the vacancy for the Advisor for Scotland arose I felt I would like to put my name forward and help out in any way I could. I am pleased to accept this appointment.
The MAA has a positive and important part to play in assisting Agents and helping enhance our Profession”

For my fellow Agents in Scotland – Please feel free to contact me by email or phone
Tel: 07792 627 254  or by email: