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Useful exchange of experience

At the end of January, the Secretarial Working Group (SWG) came together in Turin (Italy). The meeting was hosted by Mr. Marco Righetti and Mr. Giacomo Bottaro from USARCI and chaired by IUCAB’s vice president, Mr. David Johnson. IUCAB President Mr. Olivier Mazoyer also attended the meeting. In addition to the IUCAB Secretary General Mr. Christian Rebernig the national secretaries from Great Britain and Ireland, the French member association APAC (Mrs. Rachel Detain), Austria, Sweden (Mrs. Helena Waker), Germany (Mr. Eckhard Döpfer), Italy and Cyprus (Mr. Zacharias Manitaras) were present.

First of all, the global economic situation was discussed in detail taking in consideration the position of the commercial agents. The economic situation has improved throughout Europe.

In addition, Mr. Rebernig presented the latest figures and facts regarding the IUCAB members. He also informed about the action plan for this year and about the first results of the branding process.

Mr. Waker reported on the social media activities on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Mr. Döpfer informed that 12 platforms with nearly 14,000 commercial agents are now online on the “IUCAB platform” Recently the Russian and the Italian platform was launched.

Finally, the national activities and successes of the year 2016 were presented. The participants will continue this useful exchange of experiences. The next meeting of the SWG will take place in January 2018 probably in Zurich.

IUCAB Secretariat in Vienna

Mr. Christian Rebernig ( nicknamed 008 ! ) as secretary general and his assistants Ms. Jeannine Dorn and Ms. Tamara Seewald are available for all IUCAB matters.

The contact details are:

Internationally United Commercial Agents and Brokers – IUCAB
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 57
A-1040 Vienna
T +43 5 90 900-3379
F +43 5 90 900-233

IUCAB ExCom meets in Cologne, Germany, 18 November 2016

The meeting was attended by Mr. Olivier Mazoyer, President of IUCAB and the Vice Presidents Mr. Ole Kristian Bull from Norway, Mr. David Johnson from The United Kingdom, Mr. Ralf Scholz from Germany, Mr. Axel Sturmberger from Austria and Mr. Carlo Tabellini from Italy as well as Mr. Christian Rebernig, IUCAB Secretary General.

Also partly present were Mrs. Katharina Graf from Increon and Mrs. Elisabeth Slapio from the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mr. Rebernig gave an actual overview about the transfer of the IUCAB secretariat to Vienna and the new staff working for IUCAB. Furthermore, he gave a presentation about the Website, the new Linkedin page and the action plan for 2017.

Mrs. Graf informed the participants about the upcoming Italian and Russian platform as a part of the IUCAB-platform

A branding and positioning process was started in summer with the branding company Increon. The aim is to give IUCAB a modern image. All the members gave their input in order to elaborate a branding pyramid and to create a brand core as well as a claim. The results will be finished at the beginning of 2017 and presented to the members.

The next meeting will be held in Brussels on 10 March 2017.

IUCAB Legal Working Group (LWG) meets in Florence, Italy, on 8 April 2016

The meeting was attended by:
Mr. Paul Holtrop, IUCAB Secretary General, Mr. Michael Svendsen (MAQS Law Firm), Mr. Carlo Tabellini (Studio Tabellini Law Firm), Mr. Larry Coltman (Hill Hofstetter LLP), Mrs. Patricia Keltner (APAC), Mr. Gaël Grignon Dumoulin (FNAC), Mr. Henrik Renner Fredriksen (Virke, the Enterprise Federation of Norway). During the meeting Mrs. Marta Zelewska (CDH) was introduced as a new member of the LWG.

Following items have been discussed:

  • Draft Distribution Agreement
    Considering the fact that IUCAB Members also have distributors, Mr. Svendsen has prepared a draft distribution agreement. The final version will be presented later this year.
  • Case Law
    Mr. Coltman presented new case law (Lithuanian Supreme Court February 2016) regarding compensation for commercial intermediates. Furthermore new case law (German Supreme Court (BMW) of 2015) regarding distributors’ claim of indemnity has been discussed.
  • Calculation of Indemnity/Compensation
    Mr. Grignon Dumoulin leaded a discussion regarding the calculation of compensation under French law. Main issue is, that in France agents are not authorised to “negotiate” and thus not able to claim indemnity or compensation.
  • Other
    LWG will produce a list with an overview of countries that include services agents in their agency legislation and a list about which countries give protection to distributors regarding indemnity.

The next IUCAB LWG meeting will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on Friday 9 September 2016.