Effective 1st October 2019

Annual Membership for the MAA is £120.00 (+VAT)
New Member Registration Fee applies (upon first registration only / re-joining)  £60.00 (+VAT)
Total Payment upon joining for new members = £180 (+VAT) 

Your subscription to your professional association is fully allowable against tax.

Please register by completing the form below.


Membership fees may be paid by Direct Debit for UK Members- subject to our Terms & Conditions.
Payments are not refundable

For those Joining from The Republic of Ireland or outside the UK

If you do not have a £ Sterling UK bank account there are 3 ways to pay:

1. By a GBP £ Sterling Draft drawn on a UK bank.

2. By Credit Card. Send us your credit card details by fax, email, letter or telephone.

3. By online banking direct into our bank account ensuring that we receive the full amount due in £ Sterling with all charges paid. Please email for our bank details.


If you are a member in Ireland or elsewhere in the EU and are registered for VAT you may deduct UK VAT from your payment provided you send us your VAT number – you need only do this once unless your VAT number changes.

If you are a member in Ireland or elsewhere in the EU and are not registered for VAT you may not deduct UK VAT from your payment. If you do so the MAA will be liable to pay the VAT on your behalf.

If you are a member outside the EU you may deduct UK VAT from your payment.

Agent Registration Form

Your Name (first name and surname):*
Your Company or Trading Name:*
Full Postal Address with Post Code*
Mobile Phone *
Year your business was established:
Do you provide warehousing or storage facilities: Yes   No
Business Structure:*   Limited Company   Partnership   Sole Trader     Other  
Total number of employees:*   0-10      11-20      21-50
Please tick one or more of the following to describe your business activities:*  Sales Agency/Agent    Sales Agency/Agent    Distributor    Export    Import    Manufacturer    Consultant    other  
Number of Principals represented:*   1-5      6-10      11+
Type of products sold (80 letters/ spaces maximum):*
Sales Areas Covered (Please give Counties or Country or Region):*
How did you hear
of the MAA?*
Product Types* What is that you sell or would like to?
Sales Area* Where do you sell it? E.g. UK or South East or Lincoln and Humberside.
Markets*Please choose no more than 10 categories.
ADV1-Advertising Products & Services
AER1-Aerospace, Aviation & Airlines (Aircraft, Accessories, Components, Missiles, Rockets, Equipment, Machinery, etc.)
AGR1-Agricultural Equipment & Machinery (Tractor, Trailer, Farm Equipment, Earth Moving Equipment & Work Vehicles)
AMU1-Amusement Machines
ARC1-Architects, Surveyors & Interior Designers
ART1-Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
AUT1-Automation & Robotics
AUT2-Automotive Aftermarket inc. Parts, Accessories, Tools, Equipment, Chemicals & Supplies etc
AUT3-Automotive OEM (Components for Manufacturers) inc. Engines
BUI1-Building Contractors
BUI2-Building Materials & Supplies (Inc. Timber, Roofing, Ironmongery, Hardware, Sanitary ware, Bathroom Equipment, Architectural Specialities etc.)
BUS 1-Business
BYC1-Bicycles & Accessories
CAS1-Castings & Forgings
CAS2-Cash & Carry
CHE1-Chemicals - Agricultural
CHE2-Chemicals - Industrial. Also Process Markets
COM1-Computer Hardware, Software, Peripheral Equipment & Supplies
CON1-Construction Equipment & Machinery
DAT1-Data Processing
DEF1-Defence Industry inc. Armed Forces
DEN1-Dental Equipment, Supplies & Services
DEP1-Department Stores
DIS1-Disposable Products inc. Clothing, Medical, Catering
EDU1-Educational, Training,
ELE1-Electrical - Controls & Instrumentation
ELE2-Electrical & Electronic Consumer Products
ELE3-Electrical & Electronic: Technical & Industrial Prods.
ELE4-Electronic - Communications, Telecoms, Audio-visual & Professional Products
ELE5-Electronic - Components & Materials
ELE8-Electrical Contractors & Consulting Engineers
ELE9-Electrical Wholesalers
ENE1-Energy Conservation
ENG1-Engineering Design & Consultants
EXH1-Exhibits & Displays
FAS1-Fasteners & Fixings
FEE1-Feed Processing
FIL1-Filing Systems
FLO1-Flooring inc. Tile, Carpets, etc.
FLU1-Fluid Handling
FLU2-Fluid Power
FOO1-Food & Drink
FOO2-Food Processing
FOO3-Food Service Equipment
FUR1-Furniture, Soft Furnishing inc. Fabric & Trimmings
GAR1-Garden Centres, Florists, Horticulture, Nurseries, Lawn & Garden Services, Garden Machinery, Turf
GAR2-Garages & Filling Stations
GAS1-Gas, Oil & Petroleum Products & Services
GOV1-Government Departments & Agencies
HAN1-Hand Tools inc. power tools
HAR1-Hardware & Houseware
HEA1-Health & Beauty Equipment, Aids & Supplies inc. Beauty & Tanning Salons, Hairdressers, etc
HEA2-Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
HOM1-Home Improvement - DIY
HOT1-Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Caterers, Hospitality
IDE1-Identification Products
IMP1-Import / Export
IND1-Industrial Equipment & Machinery
IND2-Industrial Supplies inc. Machine Tools etc.
JEW1-Jewellery, Clocks & Watches
KIT1-Kitchen specialists
LAB1-Laboratory & Research Equipment & Supplies
LEA1-Leather & Leather Products
LOC1-Local Authorities inc. libraries, police, housing etc
LOR1-Lorry, Bus & Trailer Market (Components, Engines, OEM, Aftermarket, etc.)
LUG1-Luggage & Travel Goods
MAC1-Machining Specialists & Subcontractors
MAI1-Maintenance Supplies inc. Floor Care, Chemicals & Janitorial Equipment etc.
MAR1-Marine inc. Shipbuilding, Engines, Equipment, Fittings, Paints, etc.
MAT1-Material Handling
MED1-Medical & Hospital Equipment, Supplies & Services
MET1-Metal - Processing, Products & Assemblies
MIN1-Mining & Extractive
MOB1-Mobile Home, Caravan, RV. Accessories & Supplies
MOT1-Motorbike & Accessory market
NUR1-Nursery Equipment inc. Prams & Pushchairs
OFF1-Office Equipment, Supplies, Furniture & Furnishings
PAI1-Paints & Varnishes including Sundry Items
PAP1-Paper & Paper Products
PHO1-Photographic Supplies
PLA1-Plastic Formings inc. Injection Moulding, Rotational Moulding, Plastic Pipe Fittings, Fabrication, etc.
PLA2-Plastic Materials inc. sheet, raw material, extrusions
POL1-Pollution Products & Services (Air, Water, Noise, Sewage, Industrial & Consumer)
POW1-Power Transmission & Generation
PRI1-Printing & Graphics
PRO1-Process Equipment
RAI1-Railways inc. Rolling Stock
REF2-Refrigeration & Cold Storage
RET1-Retail Consumer Products
ROO1-Roofing Materials & Supplies
RUB1-Rubber & Rubber Products
RUR1-Rural Pursuits inc. Equestrian, Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Clothing, Footwear etc
SAF1-Safety, Environmental, Emergency, Security Products
SCR1-Screw Machine Products (Precision Turned Parts)
SPE1-Speciality Sales
SPO1-Sports Equipment, Clothing & Accessories
STA1-Stampings - Metal
STA2-Stage & Theatre inc. TV & Film
STO1-Storage Equipment
TES1-Testing Equipment
TEX1-Textiles - Apparel
TEX2-Textiles - Industrial
TEX3-Textiles - Furnishing
TIM1-Timber Industry
TOY1-Toys & Novelties
TUB1-Tubing & Pipes inc. Pipeline Connectors
UTI1-Utilities inc. Gas, Water, Electricity & Airports
VET1-Veterinary, Pet Trade, Boarding Kennels, Breeders
WAL1-Wall Coverings, Wallpaper etc.
WEI1-Weighing Systems
WIR1-Wire & Wire Products