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ADV1-Advertising Products & Services
AER1-Aerospace, Aviation & Airlines (Aircraft, Accessories, Components, Missiles, Rockets, Equipment, Machinery, etc.)
AGR1-Agricultural Equipment & Machinery (Tractor, Trailer, Farm Equipment, Earth Moving Equipment & Work Vehicles)
AMU1-Amusement Machines
ARC1-Architects, Surveyors & Interior Designers
ART1-Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
AUT1-Automation & Robotics
AUT2-Automotive Aftermarket inc. Parts, Accessories, Tools, Equipment, Chemicals & Supplies etc
AUT3-Automotive OEM (Components for Manufacturers) inc. Engines
BUI1-Building Contractors
BUI2-Building Materials & Supplies (Inc. Timber, Roofing, Ironmongery, Hardware, Sanitary ware, Bathroom Equipment, Architectural Specialities etc.)
BUS 1-Business
BYC1-Bicycles & Accessories
CAS1-Castings & Forgings
CAS2-Cash & Carry
CHE1-Chemicals - Agricultural
CHE2-Chemicals - Industrial. Also Process Markets
COM1-Computer Hardware, Software, Peripheral Equipment & Supplies
CON1-Construction Equipment & Machinery
DAT1-Data Processing
DEF1-Defence Industry inc. Armed Forces
DEN1-Dental Equipment, Supplies & Services
DEP1-Department Stores
DIS1-Disposable Products inc. Clothing, Medical, Catering
EDU1-Educational, Training,
ELE1-Electrical - Controls & Instrumentation
ELE2-Electrical & Electronic Consumer Products
ELE3-Electrical & Electronic: Technical & Industrial Prods.
ELE4-Electronic - Communications, Telecoms, Audio-visual & Professional Products
ELE5-Electronic - Components & Materials
ELE8-Electrical Contractors & Consulting Engineers
ELE9-Electrical Wholesalers
ENE1-Energy Conservation
ENG1-Engineering Design & Consultants
EXH1-Exhibits & Displays
FAS1-Fasteners & Fixings
FEE1-Feed Processing
FIL1-Filing Systems
FLO1-Flooring inc. Tile, Carpets, etc.
FLU1-Fluid Handling
FLU2-Fluid Power
FOO1-Food & Drink
FOO2-Food Processing
FOO3-Food Service Equipment
FUR1-Furniture, Soft Furnishing inc. Fabric & Trimmings
GAR1-Garden Centres, Florists, Horticulture, Nurseries, Lawn & Garden Services, Garden Machinery, Turf
GAR2-Garages & Filling Stations
GAS1-Gas, Oil & Petroleum Products & Services
GOV1-Government Departments & Agencies
HAN1-Hand Tools inc. power tools
HAR1-Hardware & Houseware
HEA1-Health & Beauty Equipment, Aids & Supplies inc. Beauty & Tanning Salons, Hairdressers, etc
HEA2-Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
HOM1-Home Improvement - DIY
HOT1-Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Caterers, Hospitality
IDE1-Identification Products
IMP1-Import / Export
IND1-Industrial Equipment & Machinery
IND2-Industrial Supplies inc. Machine Tools etc.
JEW1-Jewellery, Clocks & Watches
KIT1-Kitchen specialists
LAB1-Laboratory & Research Equipment & Supplies
LEA1-Leather & Leather Products
LOC1-Local Authorities inc. libraries, police, housing etc
LOR1-Lorry, Bus & Trailer Market (Components, Engines, OEM, Aftermarket, etc.)
LUG1-Luggage & Travel Goods
MAC1-Machining Specialists & Subcontractors
MAI1-Maintenance Supplies inc. Floor Care, Chemicals & Janitorial Equipment etc.
MAR1-Marine inc. Shipbuilding, Engines, Equipment, Fittings, Paints, etc.
MAT1-Material Handling
MED1-Medical & Hospital Equipment, Supplies & Services
MET1-Metal - Processing, Products & Assemblies
MIN1-Mining & Extractive
MOB1-Mobile Home, Caravan, RV. Accessories & Supplies
MOT1-Motorbike & Accessory market
NUR1-Nursery Equipment inc. Prams & Pushchairs
OFF1-Office Equipment, Supplies, Furniture & Furnishings
PAI1-Paints & Varnishes including Sundry Items
PAP1-Paper & Paper Products
PHO1-Photographic Supplies
PLA1-Plastic Formings inc. Injection Moulding, Rotational Moulding, Plastic Pipe Fittings, Fabrication, etc.
PLA2-Plastic Materials inc. sheet, raw material, extrusions
POL1-Pollution Products & Services (Air, Water, Noise, Sewage, Industrial & Consumer)
POW1-Power Transmission & Generation
PRI1-Printing & Graphics
PRO1-Process Equipment
RAI1-Railways inc. Rolling Stock
REF2-Refrigeration & Cold Storage
RET1-Retail Consumer Products
ROO1-Roofing Materials & Supplies
RUB1-Rubber & Rubber Products
RUR1-Rural Pursuits inc. Equestrian, Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Clothing, Footwear etc
SAF1-Safety, Environmental, Emergency, Security Products
SCR1-Screw Machine Products (Precision Turned Parts)
SPE1-Speciality Sales
SPO1-Sports Equipment, Clothing & Accessories
STA1-Stampings - Metal
STA2-Stage & Theatre inc. TV & Film
STO1-Storage Equipment
TES1-Testing Equipment
TEX1-Textiles - Apparel
TEX2-Textiles - Industrial
TEX3-Textiles - Furnishing
TIM1-Timber Industry
TOY1-Toys & Novelties
TUB1-Tubing & Pipes inc. Pipeline Connectors
UTI1-Utilities inc. Gas, Water, Electricity & Airports
VET1-Veterinary, Pet Trade, Boarding Kennels, Breeders
WAL1-Wall Coverings, Wallpaper etc.
WEI1-Weighing Systems
WIR1-Wire & Wire Products