“How can I find new Principals?”
Keeping in touch with your industry colleagues will be the main place you will hear of someone looking for an Agent. Using Social Media liked LinkedIn and Twitter are also free to use channels for promoting yourself and advertising that you have capacity for a new agency.

The MAA carries adverts in our “Agents News” magazine and also provides “Database Searches.”
Principals advertise in industry specific magazines.
Trade Fairs are important for most industries. Foreign companies may welcome an approach from a UK Agent. Some shows have boards which have Agency opportunities pinned up. Some exhibitors put up “Agent Wanted” boards on their stands.
If you think that the products you are interested in are made in a particular country approach their Trade Department at their UK Embassy (All embassies call them something different) The USA has a trade body for each state, some of them in Germany, but ask the US Embassy. How about visiting an overseas trade fair?

Above all, keep in touch with your chosen trade. The “I’ll sell anything to anyone” approach is unattractive to most Principals as they are looking for Agents with specific sales expertise and market knowledge.

“I’m having problems with a Principal and need some advice”
If you are an MAA Member, you can have a conversation in confidence, with your Area Co-Ordinator (Contact details are in the “Agents News” magazine). He or she is an experienced Agent and has a thorough knowledge of the MAA. They can talk the situation through with you and discuss a course of action that could, in extreme cases, include referral to our solicitors. If nothing else it should help clarify the situation.

“I’ve got a new contract but I am not sure about it”
MAA Members can send a new contract to our solicitors for a free discussion. Any mutually agreed subsequent work is chargeable to the Member. Please contact us at info@themaa.co.uk for details.

“My MAA direct debit is on my bank statement but I haven’t had a receipt”
Receipts and Renewal Documents are sent out towards the end of the month of payment. If you haven’t received yours by the end of the first week of the month following the month of payment please contact the Secretary General at info@themaa.co.uk.

“Where can I get a copy of the Agents Regulations?”
A copy of the Regulations is enclosed in every New Members Pack and can also be freely found on the Web.