New Members We Need You! Recruitment Incentive!

Have you previously hesitated in joining the MAA? Well now is the time to take the leap!

Start taking advantage of all the great things membership of the MAA can offer.
Just CLICK HERE and complete our quick form to sign up and receive your membership pack.

For an annual rate of £120.00 (A New Member fee of £60.00 applies upon first registration. All payments subject to VAT) you can enjoy the following:-
Legal Advice, Details of Commercial Agent Regulations, be part of the MAA Agent Search – the fast database matching Agents to Principals, Quarterly Magazine, Social Media, International Association via IUCAB, and much much more. Read here for the full list.

For every Agent you get to join the MAA we will give you 30% off your next Membership Subscription!
Recruit 2 new members- you save 60% on your next renewal !!!!!
Recruit 3 new members- you save 90% on your next renewal !!!!!.

A minimum payment is needed to keep your direct debit current otherwise the banks cancel the Direct Debit.
So a maximum of three 30% discounts are allowed against your annual subscription by direct debit each year.
FEAR NOT ! – If you recruit more than three new members; the 4th & further discounts will be rolled over to the subsequent subscription years

All you need to do is register with us the contact details of the Agents that you think would benefit from joining the MAA and we’ll introduce ourselves, post out to them our Recruitment Pack, which includes details of the benefits of being a MAA Member and a copy of our recent magazine.

Easy Peazy!

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