Noel Kelly winner 2022 of George Hayward Award

Noel Kelly of The MAA wins International George Hayward Award

We are delighted to share with you that MAA Member Noel Kelly, of Creva-AgriComfort International Ltd, has won the prestigious International Commercial Agent of the Year and 13th George Hayward Award.

A huge congratulations to Noel and his team from everyone at the MAA and a huge thanks to IUCAB for selecting Noel as your worthy winner.

Noel Kelly is also the winner of The MAA 2022 Agent of the Year Award. Click HERE to read the interview with Noel

The George Hayward Award

The IUCAB International Agent of the Year George Hayward Award was created by the Executive Committee of IUCAB following the passing away of George Hayward, the first elected US Vice President of IUCAB, in May 2009.

Mr. Hayward was the founder of United Sales Associates, an agency business firm in the safety/industrial market place which he started in 1982, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He was the recipient of dozens of awards and recognition for outstanding service by the many associations in which he participated. He gave much of his heart, time and friendship to everyone in our profession and was one of the most involved and engaged agents, doing so selflessly. Mr. Hayward served IUCAB as Vice President from 2001 until 2008 when he made his farewell speech at the IUCAB Annual Delegates Meeting in Berlin.

The “George Hayward Award” was created in honour of his unsurpassed dedication to ensuring quality performance of commercial agents and his passion and persistence for continuing education.

Nomination forms for the IUCAB International Agent of the Year “George Hayward Award” are sent to the national member associations of IUCAB.

Each national association is requested to select a nominee among their own membership and return a duly completed nomination form to the IUCAB Secretariat. The Executive Committee of IUCAB will select the winner of the award from all nominations received from the national member associations.

Winner 2022

The IUCAB International Agent of the Year “George Hayward Award” was created to honour the quality and the performance of commercial agents.

In March 2022, the Executive Committee (ExCom) of IUCAB met in Marseille. During the meeting, the ExCom selected this year’s winner of the IUCAB George Hayward Award. Various applications have been received from the IUCAB Member Associations and votes were cast by the Members of the IUCAB ExCom at the meeting in France. It has been a very close race between the nominees.

The International Agent of the Year 2022 is Mr. Noel Kelly, owner of the Creva-AgriComfort International Ltd, Ireland. The trophy was presented to him during the IUCAB Delegates Meeting held on 27th May 2022 in Limassol, Cyprus. The agency is based in Galway, has 10 employees, represents eight global principals of quality products and works in the field of premium cow and calf comfort/welfare products. The agency’s activities reach from the United States to Europe, the Middle East to Asia. The key for the success of Creva-AgriComfort International Ltd is connecting pedigree products to responsible farms around the world and to enable them to build a better everyday life for cows and farmers.

“All good relationships are based on trust, loyalty and ‘doing the right thing’ […] our reputation is based on good faith and fair dealing – transparency – advocacy and honesty.”, says Mr. Noel Kelly.

The Delegates of IUCAB congratulate and wish him all the best and ongoing success in his business field.

Award details and event source: IUCAB George Hayward Award