MAA Agent Search is the quickest and easiest way to find Agents to sell for you in the UK and Ireland. Our Members are given the opportunity to register the type of products they sell, the geographical area they sell in, and the Markets they sell into.

You don’t have to buy mailing lists or write letters. There are no postage costs. It is simple and easy and costs less than a job advertisement in a local newspaper where you hope that someone sees it! Our On-line Agent Search does not demand that you pay for an on-line Advertisement. You make a one off payment to be able to search our database on-line. It is a pro-active approach.

Your Agent Search will also appear in list form in the next available printed and online magazine.

How it Works

When you go into MAA Agent Search for the first time you will be asked to register your contact details and to give us a User Name and Password, both of your choice. PLEASE REMEMBER THESE!

In MAA Agent Search you select your markets from a list of all the markets our Members sell into. The next page shows you all the Agents in those markets. It shows you the geographical area they sell in at present and the type of products they currently sell. You choose confidentially up to 20 that most interest you, attaching a pic or diagram if you wish, giving your company details or remaining anonymous – entirely at your own discretion. Your selection and information is emailed to the MAA and we pass it to our Members. The full contact details of all those who respond will be emailed to you on receipt.

What does it cost?
You can pay using electronic payments to our Bank Account or alternatively by credit card for your MAA Agent Search. MAA Agent Search costs £275 plus £55 VAT = £330 for contacting up to 20 Agents per Search.  This is a service that we provide for you. We do the leg work! There are NO Finders Fees charged afterwards.

VAT is NOT payable for orders from EU countries when you give the MAA your valid VAT number. Nor is it payable by those outside the EU.

After you have made your selection you will be asked to give some information for the Agent. Keep it concise – we make some suggestions below:

COMPANY  A brief background of your organisation including when established, turnover, place(s) of business

PRODUCTS A short description of the products you want the Agent to sell

CUSTOMERS The type of customers and markets you want to sell to. Are you passing any existing customers to the Agent?

AREA The geographical area you want an Agent to cover. “Agents are sought in all areas” or be more specific. If “UK” do you also want to include Ireland? Maybe you want to have the Agent cover a specific sector of the market?

AGENTS Describe the sort of Agent you would like but try not to be too specific e.g. “Agents are sought with an established customer base”

MARKETING SUPPORT Describe what marketing support is available e.g. exhibitions, telesales, literature, CD, website, joint visits ( buddy calls! ), sample making, design facilities etc

UPLOAD FILE You can upload a picture in jpeg format.

TIP! For maximum success be very general and open in your selections. An Agent may not appear to quite fit your requirements but try anyhow – they are adaptable! Even if they are not for you, why not discuss the market for your products with the Agent and see if they know of anyone suitable.


Agent Search is designed to be a cost effective, quick and easy way for Principals to find Agents. It actually costs less than most small employment adverts in local newspapers where you hope that someone sees it!!  It works very fast!

So that we can keep it low cost, quick and easy please note:

1. We do not sell lists.
2. Principals (US=Manufacturers) cannot become Members of the MAA or any other European Commercial Agents’ associations. They can advertise for Agents (US=Reps) to sell for them either in the magazine or using Agent Search.
3. Separate Agent Searches must be undertaken for different products. Using the same search for Agents to sell different products in different markets is confusing and cannot be accepted.
4. We do not distribute brochures or leaflets except as paid inserts in the MAA printed magazine “Agents News”.
5. We do not offer a consultancy service. Please email all enquiries.
6. Advertising in our magazine “Agents News” and MAA Agent Search are the only ways Principals can contact MAA Members. As mentioned above – we do not sell lists. We do not link to Principals seeking Agents by way of advertorial or website links.
7. We do not give counts at any stage.
8. MAA Agent Search may only be used by the registered Principal specifically to find Agents to sell for him or, in the case of employment bureaux, their clients. It may not be used for any other purpose. The MAA will instruct its legal advisors to rigorously pursue any misuse and to gain complete redress for such misuse to the fullest extent.
9. A VAT receipt is sent to you upon receipt of your payment.

Like any form of advertising, it is impossible to know what the response will be to an MAA Agent Search. We cannot guarantee the outcome. NO REFUNDS will be given. You will be emailed with the full contact details of all those Agents who respond. Then you can make contact DIRECTLY the Agent. We do not get involved with direct negotiations.

Please bear in mind that whereas an MAA Agent Search is quick and specific, an advertisement in the MAA magazine reaches a much, much wider audience.

You may choose up to 20 Agents in one Search. When you have done your Agent Search, even if you do not select the full 20 Agents, further access to the database is only available if you pay for another Search.


UK customers – Please pay by BACS, Cheque or Credit Card. The charge, including VAT at 20% = £330 (£275 + £55 VAT)

EU Customers- can pay as above but if we can validate your local VAT Number- we can issue B2B Invoice zero rated from VAT

Overseas customers, without a £ Sterling GBP UK bank account, have 2 ways to pay:

1. By a GBP £ Sterling Draft drawn on an UK bank. This is available from your bank.

2. Directly into our bank account, free of any costs. We must receive £275 in our bank account with NO deductions. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ADD YOUR COMPANY NAME / REFERENCE.

Please email us at for our bank details.

Please tell us when payment has been made into our bank. Payment must be made in full, free of costs, in £ Sterling (GBP) PRIOR to an MAA Agent Search.

Please tell us when payment has been made into our bank. We will then enable access for your agent search.
Payment must be made in full, free of costs, in £ Sterling (GBP) prior to a MAA Agent Search.

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