Our International Partners

The MAA has been a member of IUCAB (Internationally United Commercial Agents & Brokers) since the start in 1953.
It is due to the efforts of IUCAB and the MAA that agency law now exists throughout Europe.
Membership of IUCAB is limited to membership owned Agents associations with written constitutions and elected governing bodies.
IUCAB holds annual Delegate meetings for association Presidents and Secretaries in different countries each year and periodic Congresses to which all Agents are invited.

The IUCAB web page www.iucab.com has further information and is a useful source for Principals seeking Agents in foreign countries as all the IUCAB members have contact details or website links here.

The EXcom of IUCAB met on 15th & 16th November in Lisbon. Our Thanks to Christian Rebernig, Secretary General for all his work in preparing for the meeting & Agenda. Our Thanks to the German Chamber AHK in Lisbon for their Hospitality.

David Johnson, SG of The MAA,  ( the short guy in the centre of Pic ) is a VP with the IUCAB Excom as well as Chairman of the Secretaries Working Group (SWG)

Delegates, Legal Advisors and National Secretaries from IUCAB Member Associations came together in Warsaw, Poland from 14-16th May 2015.
The Legal Working Group discussed the position of the sub-agent and the Secretaries discussed issues affecting the Associations, marketing tools, strategies, and which services can be provided to the members.
The Delegates Meeting accepted a new contribution system as of 2016 and the meeting provided to the Expert Groups the opportunity to give presentations and to also report on new ideas on marketing, communication, training and European funds.

President Olivier Mazoyer held a presentation on the future and targets of IUCAB. IUCAB wants to be more recognisable and not to only existing members but also to attract new member associations. Extra attention will be spent on the development of the IUCAB Network and social media. New parties will be approached; a meeting has been set up in June 2015 with the ICC- The International Chamber of Commerce.

The Secretarial Working Group is involved in the Refit-Programme, the Come-into-Contact project, the IUCAB Survey, IUCAB Newsletter, e-mail campaigns, social media, facebook and strategy plans.

The George Hayward Award was won by Mr. Xavier Mailfert, director and owner of Prodium, France.

Vice President Elections:
Mr. Axel Sturmberger has taken over from retiring Mr. Walter Krammer. Mr. Walter Krammer served IUCAB for more than over 20 years!
Mr. Mazoyer and Mr. Paul Holtrop, IUCAB Secretary General, thanked him for all the work he has done for IUCAB.
Mr. Ralf Scholz and Mr. Enrich Enrech were elected for a new 3-years term.

Social Media: Mrs. Helena Waker (Expert Group Communication) encouraged all members to join both Facebook and the LinkedIn group in order to create more discussion about new ideas.

Mr. Ralf Scholz explained why marketing activities are very important for IUCAB.
All information about the platform can be found in the handbook on the IUCAB website.

Mr. Jacques Deletang, Chairman IUCAB Expert Group “Training” is preparing a short practical training and has sent a training questionnaire to all member associations.
Presentations were given by:

  • Andrzej Arendarski, President Polish Chamber of Commerce
  • Olga Sztejnert-Roszak about the Polish commercial agency law
  • Michael Svendsen about agency contracts
  • Nathalie Lorrain about when Eastern Europe meets Western Europe
  • Anne Applebaum about the Polish Century History

The next Delegates Meeting will be held in Malaga, Spain, 19th to 20th May 2016

IUCAB has new benefits for its members

Car rental

All  IUCAB Member Organisations –  as well as their members –  can get a 20% discount on car rental prices with SIXT car rental company!

Members can rent a car through the website of SIXTwhich  is as follows: www.sixt.com. However, you need to login with your own countries’ extension. For example: Germany www.sixt.de, Italy:  www.sixt.it, Netherlands www.sixt.nl etc. etc.
In order to login, the username and password can be requested through . When you login and make your booking, the discount will be processed automatically.


Discounts at hotels

All IUCAB Members Organisations – as well as their members – can furthermore get discounts up to 15% with more than 100.000 hotels throughout all of Europe!

The prices that are being offerd at these hotels, are much more attractive compared to hotels that you could book via another website.
Look at this website for more information or to make an hotel reservation:

The discount will be applied directly on the booking.